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I have tested ThumbView with all possible format variations I could get hold of. I prefer to convert my test image for testing, so I know what the result will look like and what to expect from dimension and bpp. I was able to test that .mdl and .wal do "work", but I haven't been able to convert my test image to those so I can test the accuracy of the test.

I still need to convert my test image to these formats, and all their variations: dcx, mdl, mng, pcd, pix, pgm, pxr, wal. Also, if you have a non-listed variation of an image format listed here, let me know.

If you have any tips or if you can convert for me, please contact me!

DR Halo (.cut)
File BeerMap DevIL
CUT.cut - N
DirectDraw Surface (.dds)
File BeerMap DevIL Y Y color error color error color error color error N color error N color error Y Y N Y color error Y N color error Y Y N color error Y Y N N N N N N N N N color error N N Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y N N distorted color error Y N N N N color error N color error N color error distorted Y N color error N N N color error Y Y N N Y Y N N N N N N N color error N color error Y Y N Y distorted Y N color error N N
LBM (.lbm)
File BeerMap DevIL
LBM.lbm - N
ZSoft IBM PC Paintbrush (.pcx)
File BeerMap DevIL
PCX_gimp.pcx Y Y
PCX_ps.pcx Y Y
PCX_psp.pcx Y Y
Softimage Pic (.pic)
File BeerMap DevIL
PIC.pic - N
Portable Network Graphics (.png)
File BeerMap DevIL
PNG.png - Y
PNG_compress0.png - Y
PNG_compress1.png - Y
PNG_compress2.png - Y
PNG_compress3.png - Y
PNG_compress4.png - Y
PNG_compress5.png - Y
PNG_compress6.png - Y
PNG_compress7.png - Y
PNG_compress8.png - Y
PNG_compress9.png - Y
PNG_interlaced.png - Y
PNG_interlaced_compressed0.png - Y
PNG_interlaced_compressed1.png - Y
PNG_interlaced_compressed2.png - Y
PNG_interlaced_compressed3.png - Y
PNG_interlaced_compressed4.png - Y
PNG_interlaced_compressed5.png - Y
PNG_interlaced_compressed6.png - Y
PNG_interlaced_compressed7.png - Y
PNG_interlaced_compressed8.png - Y
PNG_interlaced_compressed9.png - Y
Portable anymap (Bitmap/Greymap/Pixelmap) (.pnm/.pbm/.pgm/.ppm)
File BeerMap DevIL
PNM_ascii.pbm - inverted
PNM_binary.pbm - inverted
PNM_binary.pgm - Y
PNM_ascii.pnm - Y
PNM_raw.pnm - Y
PNM_ascii.ppm - Y
PNM_raw.ppm - Y
Adobe PhotoShop (.psd/.pdd)
File BeerMap DevIL
PSD_gimp.psd - Y
PSD_ps.psd - Y
Paint Shop Pro (.psp)
File BeerMap DevIL
PSP_LZ77.psp - N
PSP_RLE.psp - Y
PSP_Uncompressed.psp - Y
Silicon Graphics IRIS RGB (.rgb/.sgi)
File BeerMap DevIL
SGI_aggresive_rle.rgb - Y
SGI_rle.rgb - Y
SGI_uncompressed.rgb - Y
Targa (.tga/.vda/.icb/.vst)
File BeerMap DevIL
TGA_16_uncompressed.tga Y Y
TGA_16_rle.tga Y Y
TGA_24_uncompressed.tga Y Y
TGA_24_rle.tga Y Y
TGA_32_uncompressed.tga Y Y
TGA_32_rle.tga Y Y
TGA_flipped_rle.tga Y Y
TGA_flipped_uncompressed.tga Y Y
Tagged Image File Format (.tif/.tiff)
File BeerMap DevIL
- Y
TIF_deflated.tif - empty image
TIF_jpeg03.tif - crash
TIF_jpeg05.tif - crash
TIF_jpeg08.tif - empty image
TIF_jpeg10.tif - empty image
TIF_lzw.tif - crash
- Y
TIF_pyramid.tif - Y
- crash
- crash
- empty image
- empty image
- crash
- empty image
TIF_zip.tif - empty image
Note: All these images work with DevIL when using the DLL's (ThumbView Lite), this chart shows the static library version (ThumbView + DevilPack). Due to the crashing, TIFF is disabled in DevilPack.
X PixMap (.xpm)
File BeerMap DevIL
XPM.xpm - noise
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