Here are the currently implemented features of ThumbView.

Extendable thumbnail support

ThumbView (regular) uses a plug in system for extending the shell extension with other imagetypes.

Here displaying ThumbView enabling PCX and TGA support, together with the native BMP support and Photoshops own support for PSD. ThumbView uses "Thumbnail Extractors", plug-in support for thumbnail generation.

Tool Tips

Both hovering and in status bar. Shell extension for Windows XP Explorer.

Here displaying tool tips in both hover and selected mode.

Simple User Interface

Used for managing "Thumbnail Extractors".

Can it be any simpler to have total control over what Thumbnail Extractors are installed and active? :) This graphical version requires .NET Framework 1.1, but there is a console version for those that don't have .NET installed.

Auto install support for Thumbnail Extractors

By downloading and opening a Thumbnail Extractor, it will automagicly extract itself to the ThumbView Extractors folder and install itself. No hassle!

You get a simple confirmation on successful install.

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